Strict Quality Control

Incoming Inspection:Components and finished goods are all inspected during the receiving process. New components and specialized parts also require additional QC inspection and approval.

Operator training:Training is required annually for all employees. Employees are all trained and/or familiar with WHMA A-620 training, which is used in our manufacturing process. Our operators receive ongoing training on operating machines, soldering, crimp quality, and new products.

Detailed Work Instructions:All products are set up with a detailed assembly traveler with instructions on all steps, tools, and tests needed to build it the same every time.

100% Continuity Testing:Products are all tested for continuity after assembly is completed. Hi-pot testing can also be performed when required.

Crimp Quality Monitoring:Crimp heights and dimensions are inspected and recorded every time a new applicator is set up or a new job is started. Our terminal presses also have crimp force monitors to automatically stop the machine when crimps are out of tolerance.

ROHS:Casco uses ROHS products with all components and assemblies whenever it is applicable.

In Process Auditing:Inspections are done throughout the process on all steps during the manufacturing process. These inspection results are recorded on QC traveler as they are completed.

Pull testing:Pull testing is performed and recorded when needed to test parts or tooling.

Detailed Visual Inspection:Guidelines have been established for detailed visual inspection on all parts. Additional visual inspections are often added to the travelers/QC worksheets for parts that need custom inspections.