ST-SC 10 Gigabit Multi Mode OM4 Duplex Fiber Optical Patch Cord/Jumper 3m

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    Origin: China


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Product Description

SC To ST Fiber Patch Cable

This 3M Multimode Duplex 10 Gigabit Fiber Optic Patch Cable (50/125) - ST to SC has ceramic ferrules and a 50/125 Micron core, this cable is suitable for extremely high speed data transmissions such that you would find in 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 Gb/s) networks.


  • Duplex multimode fiber optic patch cable

  • SC to ST connectors

  • 50/125 OM4 fiber

  • Low-smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) rated jacket


  • Fiber Network Deployments

  • Fast Ethernet

  • Fibre Channel

  • Infiniband

  • ATM

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • Other Data Applications Requiring High Transfer Rates

Product Parameter:

Optical charateristics50/125 OM4
Maximum Finished Cable Attenuation Coefficient@850nm3.0 dB/km
@1300nm1.0 dB/km
Overfill Launch Bandwidth@850nm1500
Laser Bandwidth@8504700
Gigabit Ethernet Link Length (1 Gbps)1000 BASE-SX (850nm)1100 Meters
1000 BASE-SX (1300nm)550 Meters
Gigabit Ethernet Link Length (10 Gbps)1000 BASE-SX (1300nm)550 Meters