(GYXTW)Outdoor Light Center-Bundle Fiber Optic Cable

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    Certification: ISO/3C/CE/ROHS/UL

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Product Description

GYXTW is designed specifically for outdoor use, featuring a central strength member and supporting up to 24 fiber bundles, making it suitable for various applications, from telecommunications to security systems. The cable adopts a loose tube design, ensuring waterproofing and reliable performance in harsh environments.

GYXTW is not only robust and durable but also easy to install. The cable is designed to be compact, lightweight in structure, with simple operation, ensuring quick and efficient installation.

At KOLORAPUS, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality fiber optic solutions. That's why GYXTW comes with a long-term warranty, along with the support of our knowledgeable expert team.

Central loose tube provides protection for enclosed optical fibers.

Fibers are concentrated in the center of the cable, with the strength member distributed on both sides of the cable sheath.

Part Number (GYXTW) Definition:

The GYXTW fiber optic cable is designed for outdoor communication applications, with the part number breakdown as follows:

GY: Communication room (field) outdoor optical cable

X: Cable center tube (cover) structure

T: Filled structure

W: Steel-polyethylene bonded sheath with steel wire (referred to as W sheath)

Features of GYXTW Fiber Optic Cable

1)There is a moisture-proof layer and an armored steel tape layer between the cable core and the sheath to prevent corrosion.

2)Two equal reinforced steel wire structures ensure the excellent torsion resistance and tensile resistance of the optical cable.

3)Dry-type water-blocking design of the cable core avoids relative slippage caused by direct contact between the water-blocking ointment and the sheath, making the overall structure of the cable more compact and strong.

4)It is suitable for the use of building backbones and access backbones with long transmission distances.

5)Full cross-sectional water-blocking structure with special oil paste filling in the pine tube to ensure good water and moisture barrier performance.

6)Third party inspection report available.


StandardYD/T769, ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA -568-C.3
Optical fibre specificationsB1.3
Attenuation @20℃ (dB/Km)@1310≤0.36, @1550≤0.22/@850≤3.0, @1300≤1.0
Number of fiber cores4/6/8/12 cores
Sheath materialSteel-polyethylene bonded sheath with steel wire
SheathMDPE, black
Allowable tensile forceLong-term 600N, short-term 1500N
Allowable crushing force300N/100mm long term, 1000N/100mm short term
Minimum bending radius20D dynamic, 10D static
Laying methodpipeline, non-self-supporting overhead
Temperature rangefor storage and transportation : -40℃~+60℃, for installation and laying : >-15℃ 

Order information:

Product name4-core Model id6-core Model id8-core Model id12-core Model idPackaging Method
9/125um Outdoor single-mode OS2 central bundle tube optical cableGYXTW-4B1.3GYXTW-6B1.3GYXTW-8B1.3GYXTW-12B1.3Wooden shaft

GYXTW Fiber Optic Cable

The GYXTW fiber optic cable involves sheathing 250μm optical fibers into a loose tube filled with a waterproof compound. Water-blocking material is incorporated between the steel tape and the loose tube to ensure the cable's compactness and longitudinal water blocking. This type of cable is widely used for long-distance communication and inter-office communication, gaining popularity globally. Among these cables, the 8-core GYXTW Fiber Optic Cable stands out as the most popular.

GYXTW Fiber Optic Cable Structure:

The 250μm fibers are placed in a loose tube made of high modulus plastic, which is filled with a water-resistant filling compound. The tube is longitudinally wrapped with a layer of PSP. Water-blocking material is applied between the PSP and the loose tube to maintain cable compactness and watertight integrity. Two parallel steel wires are positioned on the sides of the steel tape.

(GYXTW)Outdoor Light Center-Bundle Fiber Optic Cable(图1)

Customized Light Armored Cable:

There is an option to have the cable specifications printed on the unitube light armored fiber cable. Additionally, a customized packaging service is provided, allowing the printing of your logo on the wooden drum.

Applicable Laying:

These central loose tube optical fiber ribbon cables are suitable for installation in aerial or duct environments for communication between bureaus, metropolitan networks, access networks, and are especially suitable for situations where high-density fibers are expected. The laying modes include aerial and conduit installations. It is suitable for rural communication, local trunk lines, CATV, computer network systems, long-distance communication, and LAN.

The GYXTW fiber optic cable has significantly impacted the telecommunication industry, offering superior features compared to other types. It is widely available in the market, easily accessible for purchase, and installation does not require technical expertise, making it user-friendly.